Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN)

Traditional European Naturopathy is an almost forgotten but magnificent, traditional and holistic healing culture, whose knowledge system with its wealth of experience in therapy concepts goes back to antiquity.

It is characterized by its holistic medicinal concept, an individual, constitutional way of healing and a systemic, function-oriented medicine.

These are our cultural historic roots.


Fire – the element for the choleric temperament

Every client is an individual, has his/her own culture, origin and constitution and should be advised individually.

A holistic approach is the prerequisite for optimising health in the long term. Naturopathy with its concepts offers various starting points.

One of the most important cornerstones of humoral medicine are the elements already known to all of us.

Fire Element

Fire is the radiating, stimulating energy that generates warmth, light, expansion and movement. As the most active element, its qualities are sharp, heating, transforming, dissolving, drying and bitter.

Water Element

The cold, mobile, all-pervading power of this element is the life-preserving principle and is associated with growth, shaping and feeling.

Air Element

This element is the gaseous energy, which is found among other things in the breath. On the one hand it brings clarity, but on the other hand it also stands for the ability to interact with the environment.

Earth Element

This element is the most passive, material, rigid, resting energy, which prevents the exuberance and exclamation of the life forces by its limiting qualities.