Detox methods

Various detoxification procedures are available to the naturopath in order to remove harmful pungencies from the body.

Intestinal cleansing

Why an intestinal cleansing?

As the saying goes: „The intestine is the seat of our immune system“.

Because of this close connection, a sensitive intestine can be the trigger for a weak immune defence.

The causes are manifold, but often our intestinal flora is overburdened with environmental toxins, fungi, medication, etc.

A cleansing of the intestine thus supports our immune system and strengthens us for the important metabolic processes and an optimal nutrient intake.

Your intestine – often the first port of call.

Leech therapy

On request a leech therapy can be arranged.

Cupping process

Cupping is a traditional healing method that does not require the use of medication, but is nevertheless an effective weapon of naturopathic medicine in the fight against many diseases or complaints.
(The art of cupping, Hedwig Piotrowski-Manz; 6th edition).

Cups are placed on the corresponding reflex zones based on the findings. It is used for toning, which increases the blood flow, especially in zones where the tissue appears low in fluids, slack, pale, soft and drawn.

Cupping is often used as part of a massage to loosen the tissue.

Baunscheidt Method

This method is based on imitating the effect of mosquito bites. The skin is stung with the help of a „lebenswecker“. Depending on the thickness of the epidermis, the device is adjusted in such a way that together with the special Baunscheidt oil quaddles are formed on the surface of the skin.

The effect is similar to lymph drainage and thus removes toxins and pathogens from the body. The immune defence is strengthened.



Fasting and compresses

Fasting can easily be accompanied and inbetween you enjoy compresses combined with a review appointment.