Holistic naturitional advice

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Hippocrates, Greek Scientist, Father of modern medicine, Born ca. 460 BC

Every client is an individual, has his or her own lifestyle and constitution. This is the foundation for individual advice and tailor-made recommendations.

My goal is that you enjoy the implementation.

Nutrition and dietetics

Dietetics is part of your naturopathic therapy. On request this can also be booked separately.

Often a change in diet is reluctantly tackled. Why this is the case has many factors. Together we look for possible conversion options and define them in stages.

The goal is a long-term changeover and an understanding of why this corresponds to your constitution.

Local shopping but where? A geographical view of the options

Assessment & recommendation of your local shopping possibilities.

On request

Where does our food come from?

It is a valuable experience to spend time on a farm where vegetables grow and animals graze.

For children as well as adults.

Joint grocery shopping

Together, we will explore your supermarket and find the ideal food for you, which is sometimes not so easy, with the constantly growing range of food on offer.

This can be combined with cooking experience in your own kitchen.

The purchase and preparation of food is essential and an important starting point for a healthy life.

Cooking experience in your kitchen

This also includes an evaluation of kitchen utensils, food supplies, spices, etc.

Afterwards I will show you simple methods to prepare and season food gently.

With this you have an important pillar for a healthy lifestyle.

It may be advantageous to combine this with joint purchasing.

Joint Business Lunch

I created the Grenadine Business Lunch concept to accompany you over lunch e.g. in your staff restaurant or favourite lunchtime restaurant to advise you there.

At the beginning we evaluate the menu, weigh the pros and cons on the options and then select the most ideal and tasty meal for you.

So you can have a consultation over lunch at the same time, eat something suitable and have advice for future situations similar to how to proceed with the choice.

Or you are preparing for an important meeting and want to apply the correct table manners.

Besides, there are interesting table discussions, because the topic of nutrition always has something new and interesting to offer.