Medicinal plants

The phytotherapy with its infinite selection of plants, supports us naturopaths on many different levels and you can enjoy an Infus recipe, a tiktur or a spagyric spray.

In a personal conversation we can select the plant(s) suitable for you with pleasure.

As prevention or accompanying therapy. Plants with their active ingredients, scents and signatures are our constant companions.

A walk in the forest can move trees in our mind!


Skin care

A small selection of plants serve as excellent skin care products, e.g. for acne, rashes, allergic reactions and many more well known situations.

Tinktures and much more

Tinctures, mother tinctures, spagyric sprays and many other mostly herbal products support through their condensed power.

Gemmo preparations are made from buds and are ideal companions in paediatrics.

Tee, Infusion or macerate

Reconciling personal tea blends is a wonderful way to support people in their situation.

The warmth, the scent and the taste are important components. But also the ritual to do something good for oneself several times a day and to enjoy some luck for oneself is a wonderful (accompanying) therapy.