Manuel Treatments

Soothing or stimulating – in both cases blood circulation is stimulated locally. This focus supports the self-healing powers of the body.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymph is one of the two juices that do magic in our body. Its milky-white juice flows everywhere where we have capillaries and supports the transport of nutrients and waste, but also disposes of pathogens such as bacteria via the lymph nodes.

The gentle lymph drainage supports and improves lymph drainage.

Foot reflexology

Footreflexology promotes blood circulation in the foot and thus also stimulates the self-healing powers.

There are also hand, ear and other reflex zone therapies available.

The Advantages manual therapies

In many different situations a manual treatment is called for. Whether it is to reduce water retention, relax the circulation, stimulate the tissue, relieve congestion and blockages or simply support the musculoskeletal system – all are important companions to stimulate the self-healing powers again and again.

Relaxation, good breathing and a healthy sleep rhythm are important.

Further Therapy Methods

Various treatment methods such as cranio, visceral and hydrotherapy flow into your individual treatment.