The various naturopathic diagnostic methods complement the anamnesis. They serve as support and, for example, as a modulator in the preparation of a prescription based on the patient’s current condition.


The recording of the possible medical history as a basis for therapy approaches.

Iris Diagnosis

Using a camera and/or microscope, the diagnostician can look into the eye and see indications of genetic strengths and weaknesses. It is an excellent prevention method.

Pulse Diagnosis

The pulse diagnosis as one of the oldest diagnostic methods, is based on the understanding of pulse signals – mostly at both wrists.

Examination / Check-up

Through the examination it is possible for the naturopath to better understand and evaluate complaints.

Tongue Diagnosis

The tongue diagnosis is an important component of Traditional European Medicine and is based on the natural laws of the four fluids and the theory of stimulus.

Further examinations

Various other examination methods are available. These are carried out in cooperation with professional laboratories.

These include e.g. blood analysis, stool samples, etc.