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Do you have a diagnosis and would like to be advised on a wholistic approach basis?

Would you like to take preventive precautions and find out more about your personal options?

We would be happy to discuss your personal needs with you in a 30-minute pre-consultation and discuss the next steps.

I look forward to meeting you and to introduce you to my holistic services.

Below please follow the link to my contact details or simply call me on 079 485 70 30.


Overview Naturopathic Applications

After the anamnesis and a possible examination, an individual therapy plan will be developed for you. This is based on the applications listed below.

They can, however, also be booked individually on request – e.g. as a preventive examination or medication or as an annual therapy/check-up.

It is your therapy session and will do you good.





Consists e.g. of the anamnesis, maybe a Business Lunch, a grocery shopping possibly with a cooking experience, weight management, dietetics, order therapy, micro nutrients etc.

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Manuel Treatments

Consists for example of lymph drainage, reflex zones, relaxation massage, compresses and/or hydrotherapy.

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Medicinal Plants

Consists of a personal skin care plan with natural products and/or formulations, tinctures, gemmo products, warm wter infusions, macerate, spagyric etc.

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Consists for example of an anamnesis, a pulse-, tongue & iris analysis and an examination – depending on the complaint.



Consists for example of a bowel rehabilitation, cupping, baunscheidt massage or even if desired leech therapy.

Further Services


Consists of a soothing, caring foot treatment.